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Why should you


Why should your business be advertising on Facebook?

2.80 BILLION Users - The King of Social Media

Facebook is the most-used social platform in the world, boasting a global number of 2.79 billion users. Within the U.S. this number is expected to reach 237.8 million by 2025. That’s 69.1% of the U.S. population!

86% with $100k+ Income Use Facebook

86% of internet users with $100,000 or more income use Facebook. For advertisers, this is good news because it means that your tailored ads can be targeted more effectively to match your audience.

$17.44 BILLION In Ad Revenue

Facebook reported $17.44 billion dollars in ad revenue in just Q1 of 2020. With Facebook’s massive reach and popularity among marketers, it’s no wonder that the bulk of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertisements.

80 MILLION Small Businesses

Facebook has more than 80 million small businesses around the world using Facebook to promote their business.


Being the biggest social media site out there, Facebook gets the lion’s share of attention from marketers. In the US 86 percent of marketers are using Facebook for advertising.

With these numbers it’s easy to see that if you’re not competing in the world’s largest marketplace – Facebook – then you’re leaving money on the table.

But how do you go head to head against so many other business owners? That’s a good question. Facebook is highly competitive, and if you want to compete with the “big boys” you need to learn and master several skills in marketing your business on Facebook.

Businesses are now paying dollars—yes, plural—in order to get a single user to click on their ads.

This, in turn, has raised the cost of B2B lead generation, which then increases over cost per acquisition (CPA).

So, do businesses simply pay more for leads, or do they abandon PPC altogether and try more organic strategies?

Luckily, we’ve figured out exactly how to spend smarter and cut Facebook Ads to get a very significantly high ROI.


We find the best performing demographics for Facebook Ads.
We design effective display ads and video content that get results.
We create high-converting Headlines, Ad Copy and CTAs.
We optimize automated Facebook Messenger chatbot campaigns that win engagement.
We grow our Facebook lookalike audiences to scale our campaigns.

You can spend the thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars we have invested to perfect these skills, or you can erase the learning curve and benefit from our results by joining the BOSS Alliance Facebook Advertising Collective.

Presenting The:

Facebook Advertising Collective

The BOSS Alliance Facebook Advertising Collective is a proven Done-For-You digital advertising program, focusing on Facebook advertising designed to assist in helping you to generate more leads and close more deals, AND to become the “go-to” expert and authority in your marketplace!

Here are the 3 key benefits of being chosen for the Facebook Advertising Collective and why you should join this program alongside a powerful collective of highly qualified professionals like yourself!

Purchasing Power
Advanced Data
Control of Ad Budget

Purchasing Power:
With the BOSS Alliance Facebook Advertising Collective, you get to leverage the efforts of the entire group’s ad spend (the aggregate marketing budget) so you benefit from the efforts of all the group’s ad campaigns. This in turns helps you and everyone to get exponential results and MUCH lower ad costs!

Your cost per lead will be lower with the Collective than if you were to hire the best PPC ad agency in your city, because of the buying power of the Collective and the cumulative effect of the combined campaigns!

This one benefit alone is worth potentially thousands in savings for your advertising budget over time. Maybe even tens of thousands of dollars saved!

Advanced Data:
When you’ve run more than a few Facebook campaigns, then you have access to a treasure trove of data and advanced metrics that can help you drastically cut down on your ad costs. Specifically, you can learn which demographics your ads perform best with and then double down on that particular audience. The data generated from all Collective Members will result not only in lower ad costs, but in much higher quality leads!

Control of Ad Budget:
While you benefit from the ad campaigns of the entire group, you will still have complete control of your advertising budget. Unlike most advertising cooperative programs, you, the Collective member have complete control of daily, weekly and monthly ad spend budgets – with no minimums. You can increase or decrease your ad budget any time.


The first step to start this process is to schedule a call or zoom with a consultant to assess, discuss, and determine the overarching marketing strategy prior to launching your ad campaigns on Facebook. Here is what to expect during this initial consultation:

Evaluating the current Facebook Business Manager status.
Establish a go forward plan to bring Facebook Business Manager up to speed
Gathering login credentials for FB Business Manager Account
Prepare FB Business Manager account for advertising campaign
Prepare to create Instagram account for advertising campaign
Determine the starting minimum budget at $20/day or above
Determine the initial launch date for ad campaign

Media Asset

Prior to launching any ad campaign on Facebook, you need a creative or piece of ad content that will grab the attention of your targeted audience. This will likely be an image or a video. You may not have a lot of experience in this realm, but we’ve got you covered! Our graphic design team will create and design the marketing creatives for you and make it congruent to your brand! We’ve done the hard work of proving what ad types and what design formats work best in our niche. Here is what your media asset creation includes:

Design and Production of a High-Traffic Video optimized for lead generation
Ongoing Custom Media Asset creation for social media posting and/or ad campaigns

ChatBot Setup and

Efficiency and automation are the keys to scaling. Enter chatbots for business. Chatbots are experiencing the fastest rate of new technology adoption today, with 27% of SMBs reporting they use chatbots in their business. If you aren’t around 24/7 to answer questions from new leads and process orders, then you need team or automation to do it for you. An outside agency will usually do the setup and implementation of the chatbot for anywhere from $500 to $2,500 as a one-time fee. When you join the Facebook Advertising Collective, your chatbot campaign set up is included. Here is what you will get:

Proven Chatbot Template Flows
Chatbot/FB Integration/3rd Party Tools
Customized Chatbot Flow Sequence Creation
Ongoing Chatbot Support and Maintenance

FB Ad Campaign
Setup and Launch

Facebook has one of the most complicated and confusing interfaces you will ever encounter, Most of us are not what we call, technically savvy when it comes to setting up and launching effective advertising campaigns that produce results. The cost to outsource this type of service to an outside agency can be astronomical, minimum $2500/month and up!

Plus, keeping up with the ongoing changes on the platform itself can be quite challenging, as with any advertising platform. Well you are in luck! By joining the Facebook Advertising Collective. you get to leverage a team of experienced and proven media buyers and senior media advisor(s) that will create your campaigns from start to finish which includes:

Pixel setup and integration on branded website
Transferring Custom Audience set to working Ad Account

Advanced Audience Targeting (Custom/Lookalike/Geo, etc.)

Upload Media Assets to the Ads Manager
Create Campaign, Ad sets, and Ads Setup
Customized Copywriting for compliance
Integrate Chabot Template workflow for Messenger Campaign (Lead Generation)
Initiate Campaign Launch (subject to FB ad review process & approval)

Split-Testing, Management
& Ad Campaign Optimization

In this stage, your ad campaigns have been running and are in good standing. Now it’s come to the point where your ad cost is relatively inexpensive to market so that you’re consistently staying in front of your target audience. You now have new leads that are coming into the system. This is where we start to re-assess, manage any discrepancies, and/or optimize your campaigns to produce a healthy ROI (Return On Investment) which will include the following:

Troubleshooting Ad account deactivations as they come up
Implementing A/B/C/D Split testing Ad Variations, Copywriting and creatives to determine winning campaign
Contacting FB Business Support for resolving ad issues
Creating and/or optimize new Campaign Objectives based on data for better quality results
Many more techniques that are guaranteed to DOUBLE, TRIPLE, or possibly even QUADRUPLE your Facebook Marketing ROI

Testimonials ]

– DANE DANIEL, Infinity Lending Solutions

“This has been an awesome transition to go from 0 qualified leads to 3-4 leads a day from our messaging Campaign. The lead quality has gotten better over time. Our clients know exactly the product that we are pushing, and we have closed some deals from these leads. I cannot wait to see how much better this is going to get. Being that we are part of collective Facebook marketing campaign we have the opportunity to market on Facebook with a lower budget but get all the bells and whistles of a 100k marketing campaign.

This is the greatest marketing campaign I have been a part of. With the power of the Lencred team behind us, we are in positions for success. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take advantage of this marketing campaign.”

– SAL SALEH, Founder of Funding Passport

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